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The quality of our products and services is our highest priority – we want to ensure that our customers are always satisfied. We go further than just providing the level of quality that the market demands. We go above and beyond.

Our aim is to leave or customers impressed. Constantly striving for improvement is a crucial part of our daily work – it has to be.

We implement the very highest quality standards through qualification and validation of the infrastructure and processes we use. This allows us to provide efficient production with excellent process reliability. To us, a missed deadline is just as serious as a quality deficiency. Our quality assurance concept is set up to ensure that the focus is on preventing errors from occurring in the first place. We also communicate openly about any errors that do occur. Thanks to the flawless traceability and documentation that you get with our products, we can guarantee a transparent, reproducible production process.

Innotool & Greminger AG is certified to ISO 9001:2015 & 13485:2016 and is FDA registered since 2012
(FDA Establishment Registration No. 3010314800).

ISO Certificate

Repeatable Quality

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